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Excellent Service Awards Scheme – August 2015

August 1, 2015, posted in Company News

This is a new service, launched to meet the needs of the service sector and specialist suppliers dealing directly with the public. It is designed to promote and encourage the concept that good quality service should be recognised and furthermore promoted, to the overall benefit of all parties concerned.

The QAICL Excellence Awards Scheme™, is open to all companies¹ and relies upon recommendations from the users of the service they provide, or from good reports that are generated in the media, especially where such service is deemed exemplary and worthy of particular recognition by QAICL, as a Certification awarding body.

For further details, please see the Other Schemes Page.

It is interesting to note that the challenge set by QAICL Managing Director – Alan Carter in August, has yet to be taken up, by Care Homes and Specialist care providers dealing with vulnerable members of the public. Mr Carter suggests that such Organisations ‘prove they care’ by accepting QAICL’s challenge to achieve a ‘Platinum Award’ under the ‘Excellent Service Award Scheme’. Mr Carter suggests that “by agreeing to engage in advanced Audit and Surveillance Protocols, far in excess of those employed for normal ISO System or Care Quality Commission audits, such organisations could be scrutinised on a random basis, by both remote and ‘novel’ physical means. This could demonstrate to a truly independent third party registrar (and thence the public), that they maintain a management policy and systems of process, that are effective and consistent, with providing a truly ‘care-led’ environment. They could also by this means, offer irrefutable evidence, of a continued commitment to Care Staff in the delivery of first class customer service, that is directed toward those who are not in a position to reliably protect their own interests”.

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