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On this page, you can find useful information to help you validate certificates issued by QA.

Check a UKAS-accredited Certificate

UKAS-accredited certificates can be verified directly with UKAS by using the UKAS Certificate Checker.

UKAS CertCheck allows you to search and validate a certificate in one of two ways:

  • Entering the “Company name” which is the trading name of the certified organisation.
  • Entering the “Certificate number”.

If a match can be made it will present the details of the certification, including the scope of certification, date issued, locations covered and the awarding Certification Body.

Any enquirer (this includes customers and purchasers) can obtain up-to-date confirmation of registration details by completing a Certificate Validation Enquiry.

QAICL is aware that forged certificates are in circulation. For a sample of an authentic QA International Certificate please see below:

Sample Certificate 1

Sample Certificate 2

For the latest information on suspended or withdrawn certificates; known or suspected incorrect claims to affiliation and fake web sites please click here.

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