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New UKAS Logo

June 15, 2016, posted in Company News

UKAS have launched a new generic Management System Accreditation Symbol for Certification Bodies.

Following consultation with The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), stakeholders and customers a new single generic management system accreditation symbol has been introduced. The new symbol will in due course replace all of the existing management system accreditation symbols that currently specify the type of management system covered by the accreditation. A period of five years is being given for certification bodies to implement the change with full implementation by 31st August 2014.

Details of New Registration Logos incorporating the UKAS mark are now available to all customers from QA International Certification’s Head Office.


We must all do our bit for the Environment and this means consideration for Plant and Animal life, as well as human. The framework for this could start with an ISO 14001 Management System and the rigours of 3rd Party Certification. Whatever we do, lets do it together! #qaicl
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