Guidance on becoming a QAICL International Representative

QA International Certification Limited (QAICL) is an accredited certification body issuing internationally recognised accredited certificates to companies across a wide range of manufacturing and service industries, confirming compliance with various national and international management and product systems standards.

QAICL provides various independent validation services which include:-

  • Certification audits to various national and international standards
  • Specialist BRC retail packaging, storage and distribution certification audits
  • Training in management systems running under national and international standards as well as First Aid at Work training

The company delivers its services through a global infrastructure of subsidiary companies, joint ventures and branch offices operated by licensees and sales agents.  It also engages the services of qualified and experienced auditors.

For anyone interested in working with QAICL, there are several levels at which this can be achieved.  This can be through a joint venture; as a licensee office; as a sales agent/client manager or as an auditor.  In all cases, any person or organisation must have appropriate capabilities and resources to be considered but QAICL will provide support on training, administration and marketing.  All activities carried out under the QAICL global brand will be required to work within the QAICL management system and be subject to monitoring to ensure compliance with the high standards required by the company to meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

  • Joint Venture
    In a joint venture(JV), QAICL and its JV partner will enter into a formal agreement to work together to provide accreditation services in a defined geographic area.  The JV will be set up as a registered company with QAICL holding 51% of the shares.  Each JV party will work together on providing accreditation services under the processes developed by QAICL.  Both JV parties can still maintain the rest of their own business activities in addition to the JV but those other activities must not be such that they impinge on the independence or impartiality of QAICL’s accreditation services.  The business of the JV will be run jointly by the JV parties who will both contribute assets and share the management of the business and also share equity and profits.  The JV parties will enter into a written agreement which will formally set out the above.  It is not unusual for the JV to ultimately be converted to a “critical location” extending autonomy of the company for key processing decisions.
  • Licensee
    A Licensee works with QAICL to undertake appropriate parts of the certification process with QAICL making the final certification decision.  A licensee will undertake all marketing and contract management activities of QAICL in a defined geographic area.  This will require a substantial development budget and relevant supporting staff structure.  There will also need to be a robust system of management and monitoring.  A licensee will be required to enter into a formal licence agreement which will regulate the activities of the licensee to ensure that it work is carried out strictly in accordance with QAICL’s procedures and to ensure that QAICL’s independence and impartiality is not compromised in any way.  Fees are payable by the licensee to QAICL for each case and the licence agreement will set out the fees payable.
  • Sales Agent
    Sales agents are appointed by either QAICL, a QAICL joint venture or a QAICL licensee to promote the business of QAICL’s certification services and find new customers within a defined territory.  A Sales agent may also undertake some client management activities.

The above stages of engagement also provide a modular platform for development of partners whereby they may progress as their capability develops through the levels to that of a part owner with QAICL in a Joint Venture.

If you are interested in working with QAICL in any of the above capacities, you will have to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of relevant international standards and strictly follow QAICL’s commitment to safeguarding impartiality in its certification activities and recognise threats to impartiality from self interest, self review, familiarity and intimidation.  QAICL has strict policies which must be adhered to by everyone at every level involved in the certification process.  Details of these policies can be found here

For a detailed look at the International Representative Specification, please request a copy using the link below.

Request an International Representative Specification

To apply to be considered to work with QAICL in any of the above capacities, please complete an application form

Please note that whilst an application may be received indicating a preferred level of engagement with QAICL, the directors and Governing Board of QAICL shall determine the actual level at which a potential partner may join with QAICL in the first instance, based on risk and capability assessments.

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