Staged Certification Scheme™ – EMS

QAICL can assist you at the very beginning of the process on introducing an environmental management system.

Previously, an organisation could not engage the services of a certification body until implementation of the management system had been completed. Many organisations fail certification assessment for various reasons (including poor consultancy).  It is clear that advice from a certification body at the beginning of the process is crucial to the success of installing an effective environmental management system.

Such advice given by QAICL can be delivered at the start of the implementation process.  This can clarify the requirements to be met to achieve registration.  Methods vary but many approaches can be considered during the quotation process which may include gap analysis and pre-assessment.

The services of QAICL also include for a staged approach to certification.  This still allows the client to have freedom of choice in whether to engage consultants in development of their system.

QAICL therefore offers the structured approach of its Staged Certification Scheme™. This will assist clients to progress at their own pace through incremental assessment stages to full certification to ISO 14001.  This cost effective scheme comprises four stages to ensure that all elements of the standard are developed. Each stage is followed by a stage audit to ensure that the elements of each stage are checked for compliance.

After each successful stage audit, a staged scheme certificate is issued.  At the end of the scheme, subject to a final certification audit to check for compliance with the entire standard, a full accredited certificate is issued subject to QAICL’s Schedules of Accreditation.  As with all standards, the accredited certificate is valid for one year and to maintain certification, there will be annual audits to ensure continued compliance with the standard.

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