COVID-19 Information

The team at QAICL would like to present some guidance in relation to how we are dealing with the developing COVID-19 Pandemic and what this means for our clients.

We have contingency plans in place, which align with the relevant guidance documents for Extraordinary circumstances issued by the IAF, Accreditation partners and trade bodies. The main documents used as an input for our measures are IAF ID3 and UKAS TPS 66 (for UKAS accredited  management system certification); CNAS document “Certification Implementation During Period of Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia by Market Monitoring Bureau” for CNAS accredited certification and BRC072 / BRC073 for clients certified through QAIC Packaging Limited.

Should an onsite assessment become impossible to conduct due to guidance issued by the government, albeit the most economical method to maintain certification, QAICL and our assessment teams have provisions in place to consider remote auditing, using available technology, to ensure risks are mitigated whilst extending certification for a defined period. This would usually involve a separate physical process audit being conducted once the Pandemic has subsided and control measures are relaxed.

Each case will be assessed individually, and we must respond to the guidance and information that we are receiving daily. It is important during this difficult time to maintain communication with your local office, to review the options that are available for maintenance of your certification.

Should you have any concerns or queries in relation to your certification, please contact your local team, who should be happy to provide guidance and assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Carter

Scheme Manager – QA International Certification Limited


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