Other Schemes

QA International Certification Limited offer certification for various other standards as detailed on this page.

BIM – Building Information Modelling

Certification for this Government backed initiative based on PAS 1192-2 is available from QAICL for UK and EU based companies operating within the UK construction industry.  Click here for full details

ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices

This standard is designed to interpret specific requirements to the manufacture of medical devices under a specific Medical Devices Management System. QAICL offers accredited certification to this Standard for the manufacture of implements and inert surgical and dental instruments.

Transition from ISO 13485:2012 to ISO 13485:2016

For details about transition and actions required CLICK HERE

Please note the last issue date for an ISO 13485:2012 version certificate of registration to run full term will be 1 April 2018 after which clients must apply for transition to ISO 13485:2016

QAICL Excellence Awards Scheme™

This is a new service, launched to meet the needs of the service sector and specialist suppliers dealing directly with the public. It is designed to promote and encourage the concept that good quality service should be recognised and furthermore promoted, to the overall benefit of all parties concerned.

The QAICL Excellence Awards Scheme™, is open to all companies¹ and relies upon recommendations from the users of the service they provide, or from good reports that are generated in the media, especially where such service is deemed exemplary and worthy of particular recognition by QAICL, as a Certification awarding body.

The rules are simple. Recommendations for an award may be brought to the attention of the Directors of QAICL, by members of the public, as direct users of a service. Additionally, such deserving companies may also be selected by the Directors, based upon positive reports from the media and social sites, or even the direct experiences of the Directors, as they come across such providers in performance of their day to day duties.

Awards are based upon equally simple and visible criteria, namely:

  • Bronze – Commendation based on media and social sites (third party feedback – Award duration 12 Months)
  • Silver – Commendation for service quality based upon direct user experience (Usually the 2nd Party in a transaction, or alternatively, independent witness testimony – Award duration 12 Months)
  • Gold – Validated quality of service by QAICL Staff Users or Contracted Mystery Shopper (Award duration 12 Months)
  • Platinum – Validated² quality of service by QAICL Mystery Shopper/Audit personnel to specific criteria (Award duration 12 Months)

To nominate an organisation for a QAICL – Excellent Service Award simply email us at  ukregister@gmail.com.

Note¹. For the purposes of maintaining impartiality and avoid a conflict of interest, this Scheme is not available to Companies currently registered with QAICL, as they are deemed to already hold a relevant hallmark of excellence, by virtue of being awarded a QAICL Certificate of Registration.

Note². The Platinum Award can only be achieved in collaboration with the interested organisation, whereby audit criteria can be established and agreed in advance. In order to validate quality of service, QAICL will deploy its own ‘impartial’ evaluators. This Award can be used as a contribution toward formal Registration of an Organisation’s Management System under ISO Standards, where mapped in advance with QAICL and subject to QAICL’s available ‘Scope of Operations³’.

Note³. None of the above awards should be deemed to confer any element of accreditation from Member Bodies of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), nor be deemed to suggest Registration to the ISO Standards, of which QAICL itself provides Certification as an accredited and own-brand scheme registrar.

QAICL Scheme Regulations apply to all forms of Award –  download Scheme Regulations here

For the official press release click here


For those organisations seeking to demonstrate implementation of a system for control of ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points’, QAICL offers HACCP Certification to the requirements and guidelines of Codex Alimentarius.

QAICL Branded Certificates have been awarded to companies around the world for demonstrable HACCP Management.

PS 9000 Pharmaceutical Specification

For those organisations manufacturing supplies to the Pharmaceutical Industry, QA International offers PS 9000 certification to the requirements and guidelines of the Pharmaceutical Quality Group. Certification can be awarded either jointly through QAICL and PQG or under a QA International Branded Certificate.

ISO 15378

Primary packaging for medicinal products Intended for packaging in direct contact with medicinal products, registration to this standard is available leading to award of a QAICL branded ISO 15378 Certificate.

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems

This standard is designed to interpret specific requirements to the manufacture of Food Chain products under an ISO 9000 Management System. QAICL offers accredited and QAICL branded certification to this Standard. QAICL branded certification is also available for a limited range of organic products.


QAICL has provided representation on standards making panels responsible for Highway Construction and Road Traffic Management. The benefits of this association can be passed on through UKAS accredited and QAICL branded certification for National Highway Sector Schemes including traffic management and asphalt manufacture and laying.

For documentation relating to National Highway Sector Schemes on the UKAS web site, click this link and scroll down the page to “Publications relating to the National Highways Sector Scheme for Quality Management in Highways Work”.

QAICL’s specialist registration also extends to vehicle recovery services under schemes such as PAS 43 – safe working of vehicle breakdown and recovery workers.

Security Services

QAICL offers both UKAS accredited and ‘own brand’ certification for security services to Standards such as BS 7499 – Static Site Guarding and Mobile Patrol Service, BS 7858 – Security Screening of Security Employees, BS 7958 – CCTV Management and Operation, BS 7960 – Door Supervision and Stewardship, BS 7984 – Keyholding and Response Services and BS 8406 – Event Stewarding and Crowd Safety Services.

BS 7799

BS 7799 certification is currently being reviewed by QAICL for the purposes of offering third party certification. QAICL is currently compiling a list of organisations which are interested in receiving BS 7799 registration. A certification pilot programme will be established subject to numbers.

SA 8000

SA 8000 is a certification standard, against which a corporate ‘Social Accountability System’ can be measured for the purposes of third party certification. QAICL is currently compiling a list of organisations which are interested in receiving SA 8000 certification. A certification pilot programme will be established subject to numbers.

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