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August 2, 2016, posted in Company News

QAICL issues a statement on the impact of leaving the EU on the certification process Brexit statement

New UKAS Logo

June 15, 2016, posted in Company News

UKAS have launched a new generic Management System Accreditation Symbol for Certification Bodies. Following consultation with The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), stakeholders and customers a new single generic management system accreditation symbol has been introduced. The new symbol will in due course replace all of the existing management system accreditation symbols that currently specify the type of management system covered by the accreditation. A period of five years is being given for certification bodies to implement the change with full implementation by 31st August 2014. Details of New Registration Logos incorporating the UKAS mark are now available … Read More

QAICL Launch of ‘Own-Brand’ Chain of Custody Certification

June 15, 2016, posted in Company News

Following requests from customers in the Packaging Industry, QAICL has developed a Certification Scheme which is designed to fit into the Chain of Custody Supply Chain for Traceability of Products sourced from managed and sustainable resources. This Scheme is NOT designed as a replacement or alternative to F.S.C. but is designed to allow companies to demonstrate the part they play in maintaining traceability of product from managed resources. Ref QAIC/CofC/001 (Schedule 030) and further details may be obtained from

Certificate Award for Sriram Associates – India

June 15, 2016, posted in Company News

The Company achieved it’s award for the scope “Development and Provision of Solutions for Prevention and Control of Concrete and Structural Distress, Leakage, and Corrosion”. Hand over of ISO 9001 Certificate by Sandeep R. Chalke, the Chief Executive of QA International India (Mumbai), to M. Rajagopal – Chief Executive.

Excellent Service Awards Scheme – August 2015

August 1, 2015, posted in Company News

This is a new service, launched to meet the needs of the service sector and specialist suppliers dealing directly with the public. It is designed to promote and encourage the concept that good quality service should be recognised and furthermore promoted, to the overall benefit of all parties concerned. The QAICL Excellence Awards Scheme™, is open to all companies¹ and relies upon recommendations from the users of the service they provide, or from good reports that are generated in the media, especially where such service is deemed exemplary and worthy of particular recognition by QAICL, as a Certification awarding body. … Read More

UKAS Website Error – March 2012

March 1, 2012, posted in Company News

Please be advised that due to unforeseen technical problems within UKAS, the UKAS website is currently listing QAICL as ‘Voluntary Suspended’. This is an error on the part of UKAS and can only be corrected by the UKAS technical team. We would confirm that QAICL is not suspended for QMS activities and UKAS would be happy to acknowledge this point to any enquirers requiring clarification on this matter. Both QAICL and UKAS should like to thank you for your patience whilst this error is resolved.

Japan Disaster – QAICL Policy 13/04/2011

April 13, 2011, posted in Company News

The following Policy has been declared by the Governing Board of QAICL, further to recent events in Japan and after consultation with UKAS on appropriate measures for QAICL Certificate holders in affected areas. In essence, the requirements of draft document ‘IAF ID Z:201Q Issue 1’ will be adopted until further notice. The exception on provisions in this document, placed upon UK Accredited Certification Bodies by UKAS, being that there is only a three Month ‘period of grace’, rather than the six months suggested in the Document. In real terms for Auditors and Customers the process will be as follows: When … Read More


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